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Enforce Your Intellectual Property Rights


About Black Dog 

Your business idea or invention needs a secure legal foundation in order for you to develop its true potential. As a patent and trademark attorney at Black Dog Law PLLC, I provide straightforward, cost-effective legal services that can help you turn ideas for products and businesses into a reality. ​

Patent, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Law

Have you been turned away by larger patent firms because of their high rates? Black Dog keeps overhead low so that we can offer you affordable rates without the worry of being charged for every phone call or email. I take pride in being able to help entrepreneurs and inventors succeed. No new enterprise or invention is too small. Additionally, I assist attorneys whose clients need expertise in patent and IP law.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Because I am a business owner, I know firsthand how important the legal foundation for your business is. I work as your partner in the process of protecting your business so that you can reach your goals with your inventions, products, and services.

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