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Because Your Idea or Invention Is Uniquely Yours


Patent, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Law for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses

Have you been turned away by larger patent firms because of their high rates? Black Dog keeps overhead low so that we can offer you affordable rates without the worry of being charged for every phone call or email.

Because I am a business owner, I know firsthand how important a solid and strong legal foundation is for your business.

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Black Dog Law PLLC With Kate Sullivan


Protect your ideas and inventions from competitors for up to 20 years. Get started on your patent application.


Build a strong brand and/or slogan by registering your trademark. Make your business standout from the pack. 

Licensing Agreements 


Keep your visual and literary works from being stolen or misused by registering them.


We are here for your legal needs.


Honesty + Courage + Vision + Compassion

Have you had an idea for a business or invention but no clue whether it would become a reality or if you could make it the source of your livelihood?

As a patent, trademark, and intellectual property attorney, I specialize in helping you find the right path forward so that your ideas are protected and your development goals ​are secure.

Black Dog’s Mission

Protecting your ideas and dreams while providing you guidance and strength in the process.

Patent Application and Prosecution

Patent prosecution is the process of writing and filing a patent application and pursuing protection for the patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Intellectual Property Strategy and Registration

Intellectual property refers to tangible and intangible creations of the human mind. All of these creations can hold great value. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are all forms of intellectual property that can be registered.

Diverse Industry Experience

I am experienced in a range of technologies, including biological sciences, animal sciences, mechanical, agriculture, and other high-value industries. I am able to relate to a variety of inventors and business owners.

Trademark Application and Prosecution

Trademarks protect your brand, business, and product. The name or phrase associated with your business makes you stand out from the competition. Filing and registering a trademark and getting it approved through the state or federal office is trademark prosecution.

Contract Drafting and Review for Employers, Employees, and Freelancers

If you are hiring someone or being hired, you are entering into a contractual relationship. Making sure the documents you are signing meet your needs and protect your rights is crucial to having a good relationship with the other party.


There are so many issues to consider when starting a business or creating an invention—especially when you are doing both. I love hearing about your ideas and concerns and am always up for a quick brainstorm session.

Please call or email me for a free consultation.

Kate Sullivan

Through my firm, Black Dog Law PLLC, I offer entrepreneurs and inventors:

• Expert legal services at a lower cost than larger firms due to almost zero overhead

• Open communication without the fear of being charged for every phone call or email

• Assistance for attorneys on your business or artistic team who are not patent, trademark, or IP law experts

The Team

Why "Black Dog Law?”

I love animals. In fact, I have two dogs and a cat—all of which are black in color. Black dogs and cats are adopted less frequently than other colors because of both superstitious reasons and that they are more aggressive. Black Dog Law came from my mission to legally protect ideas and also to provide people access to legal services that might seem unattainable.

The mission of my law practice is to help people protect their ideas and innovations. The idea of getting a patent or trademark can seem daunting and expensive. My goal is to make my legal services accessible and affordable.

Kate Sullivan – Principal, Attorney

Kate is an Oklahoma native. She has been an avid animal lover and an equestrian all of her life. She also enjoys yoga and Crossfit. She has a true passion for helping others and solving problems.

Birdie Louise – Chief Squirreler

Birdie is a rescued pup from Lab Rescue OK. She has discovered what it is to be a spoiled and loved dog. She enjoys chasing squirrels and playing with her rescue bro Boo.

Boo Radley – Chief Fetchaholic

Boo is also a Lab Rescue OK alum. He loves fetching and swimming. He is very vocal and also loves treats. He also enjoys playing with his rescue sis Birdie. An all-around good boy.


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